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Project Activities

PeopleSuN aims to improve the energy supply in Nigeria in a sustainable and reliable way. For this purpose, the project includes a variety of activities carried out by local and German experts applying an interdisciplinary mixed-methods approach:
Data collection and open data sets
We will develop representative primary and secondary data sets that serve a better understanding of socio-economic and cultural factors and electricity needs of rural households and enterprises
Energy consumption and affordability assessment
Using the primary survey data combined with secondary spatial datasets, we develop tools that assess and visualize the energy needs and affordability constraints of energy services
We will develop an open source optimization tool for modeling and analyzing off-grid systems in Nigeria

Off Grid Systems

noun_renewable energy_2444557.png
noun_e payment_1839601.png
Electricity delivery models
We will support the design of electrification interventions so that they are sustainable and impactful
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