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The project PeopleSuN consists of five Nigerian institutions, one partner from Niger and five German institutions. The partners are active in transdisciplinary fields: Some partners work in an academic subject area, while other institutions are private SMEs. The project also has a policy partner and one partner active in civil society. Have a look at our diverse and inspiring partners!
Academic partners

Obafemi Awolowo University


The Obafemi Awolowo University is a leading public university in Nigeria. The experts at this university are mainly concerned with the fight against climate change, with an increasing focus on renewable energy systems. They have expertise in the generation of real-time data, the use of GIS and ICT, and the deployment of off-grid energy systems.

Find more information on their website.

Private partners/SME's
Powergen-Logo-01-1 dunkel.png

PowerGen Renewable Energy


PowerGen Renewable Energy is a leading mini-grid developer in Africa with offices in Kenya, Tanzania, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. PowerGen provides access to some of its projects in Nigeria as an associated partner.

Find more infromation on their website.

Civil Society

Clean Technology Hub

clean technology hub.png

Clean Tech Hub is an innovative think tank for research, development, demonstration and incubation of clean energy technologies in Africa and their validation for commercial use. It has extensive experience in conducting surveys in the different cultural contexts of Nigeria and represents civil society and NGO

Find out more on their website.

Policy partner
Logo REA Nigeria.png

Rural Electrification Agency

Logo REA Nigeria.png

The Rural Electrification Agency (REA), established by the Nigerian government, pursues the primary goal of improving access to electricity for rural and underserved villages throughout Nigeria. It manages the Rural Electrification Fund (REF) to promote, support and provide electrification through public and private sector participation. Within PeopleSuN, REA supports REF through access to data and networking with other local stakeholders.

Find more information on their website.

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