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Electricity delivery models

Nigeria has a vast potential market for off-grid energy, but local and international practitioners are facing great challenges. There is a need to understand how sustainable energy solutions can better meet the varied socio-economic realities and needs of communities in order to be sustainable over the long term and scalable.

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Abeokuta, Nigeria

cc McBarth Obey

PeopleSuN will provide a better understanding of key factors affecting the delivery and long-term sustainability of different types of off-grid electricity solutions in Nigeria (e.g. mini-grids, standalone systems) and highlight success stories from which lessons can be learnt. It will result in a set of tools (guidelines, templates, good practice examples, etc.) that will support developers, communities,

investors and  financiers to better tailor delivery models to the long-term needs of the communities, and to ensure their sustainability. While the results will focus on Nigeria, they will contribute useful lessons to the the design of off-grid energy interventions in other comparable contexts.

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